FAQ: How is the damaged DNA that you test the PreCR Repair Mix against created? Can I buy this damaged DNA separately?

We have tested the PreCR Repair Mix on DNA that has abasic sites, oxidized bases, UV damage, and dU in addition to heat damaged DNA. The abasic sites are generated by incubation at pH 5 as described in Ide, H., et al (Biochemistry (1993) 32(32):8276-83). DNA oxidation is accelerated by methylene blue (Boiteux, S., et al, (1992) 31(1):106-10). UV damage by exposure to a UV light. Plasmid DNA with dU is obtained from an dut-/ung- strain of E. coli K12 CJ236 (NEB#E4141). UV damaged DNA is available from NEB only as part of the PreCR Repair Mix kit.