FAQ: Can I use the BioLux GLuc assay systems (NEB #E3300, NEB #E3308) to assay Renilla luciferase activity in the cell lysates?

Since both GLuc and RenLuc oxidize the same substrate, the BioLux GLuc assay systems can be used to assay Renilla luciferase activity. However, the lysis buffer that is used to generate the cell lysate samples has to be compatible with the BioLux GLuc assay systems. In order to use the BioLux GLuc assay systems to assay Renilla luciferase activity, we recommend the use of the Luciferase Cell Lysis Buffer (NEB #B3321S) to generate the cell lysates. If the cells express Renilla, Firefly, Gaussia luciferase or β-gal, the cell lysates made with LCLB will be compatible with the assay systems used for measuring Renilla, Firefly, Gaussia luciferase and β-gal activities.