FAQ: Can I transform unmethylated DNA into dam-/dcm- competent E.coli (C2925)?


pUC19 was transformed and propagated in NEB 5-alpha (pUC19-C2987) and in dam-/dcm- (pUC19-C2925). Plasmid was purified side by side and then transformed into dam-/dcm- competent E.coli (NEB #C2925H), respectively. The transformation efficiency for methylated DNA pUC19-C2987 was 4.54 X 10E6 cfu/μg pUC19. The transformation efficiency for unmethylated DNA pUC19-C2925 was 1.09 X 10E8 cfu/ μg pUC19, which was 24X higher than that of methylated DNA.