New England Biolabs® Announces Call for Entries for 2016 Passion in Science Awards™ to Celebrate the “Unsung Heroes” of the Lab

Ipswich, MA, USA (June 1, 2016) — New England Biolabs (NEB®) today announced an invitation for scientists to submit entries for the 2016 Passion in Science Awards, recognizing those within the scientific community working to make a difference in the areas of scientific mentorship, humanitarian service, environmental stewardship and artistic/creative spirit. Awardees will be invited to attend an event on November 3rd - 4th at the NEB campus in Ipswich, MA, and each will receive a donation to help further his/her cause.

“We’re proud to continue the tradition of recognizing the unsung heroes of science with our second Passion in Science Awards. The ethos embodied by the awardees often goes publicly uncelebrated, but it forms the foundation of the culture of science,” said Jim Ellard, CEO of NEB. “The success of the inaugural Passion in Science Awards in 2014 demonstrated the potential for the event’s role in recognizing the altruistic nature of scientists and how they help inspire others to drive positive change in our world.”

Eligible entrants include scientists whose work exemplifies one of four NEB core values:
  • The Scientific Mentorship and Advocacy Award™ recognizes scientists whose passion for their field motivates them to educate others and spread that passion with the scientific community.
  • The Environmental Stewardship Award™ recognizes scientists who are working to preserve our natural resources or reduce waste either in the lab or outside of it.
  • The Humanitarian Duty Award™ recognizes scientists who are using science as a way to ease the hardship of others.
  • The Arts and Creativity Award™ recognizes scientists who are creating novel ways to demonstrate and display the powerful and extraordinary intersections between art and science.

Awardees will receive a $1,000 travel grant to a scientific conference or a $1,000 donation to the charity of their choice. The awardees will be invited to travel to NEB’s campus, at the company’s expense, to participate in an awards dinner, roundtable discussions, and seminars with fellow scientists and keynote speakers who share similar passions.

In 2014, fifteen Passion in Science Awards winners were selected from several hundred candidates with diverse scientific backgrounds. Previous awardees included:

  • Baylor College of Medicine’s Peter Hotez who works with government, industry, and academia to develop new vaccines for neglected tropical diseases
  • Oxford Brookes University’s Louise Hughes who generates 3D print models to help the visually impaired learn about the microscopic world
  • Harvard University’s Alia Qatarneh who mixes biology with hip-hop to engage high-school students
  • University of Delaware’s Karl Booksh who leads a mentorship program for students with disabilities to encourage careers in STEM
  • University of Wisconsin Madison’s Andrew Markley who curbed Styrofoam pollution by founding a recycling program on his campus and two other universities

“Interacting with the 2014 Passion in Science Awards winners had everyone involved feeling rejuvenated and inspired to make a difference. As a result, we’re incredibly excited to see who and what’s in store for us in 2016,” said Ellard.

Applications may be submitted at The deadline for applications is July 31st, 2016. Winners will be announced August 22nd – 24th, and notified via email.


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