Control DNA for Epigenetics

Techniques used for methylation detection and analysis require high quality control DNA for comparison to sample DNA. In vitro methylated DNA using a CpG methyltransferase gives us the opportunity to specifically generate positive control DNA for methylation studies. Alternatively, mammalian DNA can also be used for methylation studies like bisulfite conversion, methyl sensitive PCR (MSP), methyl-DNA immunoprecipitation (Me-DIP) or by methyl-CpG binding domain (MBD)-based capture techniques.

  1. What Is Epigenetics?

    If all cells are created from the same genetic material, why are there so many different cell types? Listen to Sriharsa Pradhan, Senior Scientist, RNA Biology at NEB, as he describes how DNA is methylated and how this affects the path of reading the DNA code the same way an obstruction would derail a train off its tracks.

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Protocols for Control DNA for Epigenetics