Which DNA Library Prep Kit for Ion Torrent Should I Choose?

Having trouble deciding which NEBNext Fast DNA Library Prep Set for Ion Torrent® to choose? Let Christine explain which set is right for your DNA.


Christine Sumner:

NEB offers two NEB next library prep kits for ion torrent. The fast DNA library preps that and the fast DNA fragmentation in library preps that. Both kits provide a fast streamlined workflow for inputs as low as 10 nanograms. Both kits contain reagents for and repair adapter ligation and PCR amplification. Only one of these kits provides reagents for DNA fragmentation. If you want to shear your DNA by an enzyme based fragmentation method, choose the fast DNA fragmentation library prep set for ion torrent catalog number E6285 this kit includes fragmentase, an enzyme mix that randomly fragments DNA. The randomness of cleavage of fragmentase is similar to mechanical sharing methods. The fragmentase in this kit has been optimized for use with the ion torrent protocol.

The size of the DNA fragments is controlled by incubation time. Sharing with fragmentase is easily scalable and does not damage the DNA. If you are using Kovars or other mechanical shearing methods or you are using chip DNA, the fast DNA library preps that catalog number E6270 is the right choice. The components and reaction volumes of this kit had been optimized for input DNA that has already been fragmented. This kit does not include fragmentation reagents. For more details, check out the ion torrent pages at NEBnext.com.

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