Quick Tips - Electroporation after ligation

This video provides tips for performing an electroporation reaction following a ligation.


Are there any special concerns with electroporation after ligation?

Yes, actually, so, certain additives in ligation buffers can lead to arcing and inhibition during electroporation transformation. Of particular concern is polyethylene glycol, aka PEG, which is found in ligation buffers, for example, in the Quick Ligation Kit ligation buffer. For this reason, a lot of people will cleanup buffers before transformation by electroporation.

However, as an alternative, you could try NEB’s ElectroLigase, which is T4 DNA ligase along with an optimized buffer that allows for efficient ligation of even difficult to ligate ends, but is also directly compatible with electroporation without any clean up steps.

And remember if you have any addition questions you can always contact us via email at info@neb.com.

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