Jennifer Ong, Nucleic Acid Replication Research at NEB®

In this video, Jennifer Ong describes the aims and interests of the Nucleic Acid Research Division at NEB.


Hello, my name is Jennifer Ong. I am the Scientific Director of the Nucleic Acid Replication Division here at NEB.

Our division addresses biological questions related to genome maintenance and replication, and we’re using technology that’s been developed at Biolabs to study replication in vivo and in vitro at the single molecule level.  We also like to study replication enzymes themselves, such as DNA polymerases and Reverse Transcriptases.

Polymerases are the molecular machines that drive applications in Next Generation Sequencing, molecular diagnostics and synthetic biology, and a better understanding of polymerase enzymology helps us understand and improve these applications.

Greater knowledge helps us create better enzymes and expands the molecular toolbox available for life science research.

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