CutSmart™ Restriction Enzyme Buffer

More than 210 of NEB's restriction enzymes are 100% active in a single buffer. Learn more about CutSmart® Buffer and why it matters to you.


How will NEB's Cutsmart Buffer help me?

Traditionally restriction enzymes perform optimally in a specific buffer. Sometimes it's a custom buffer. This can be problematic for double digest reactions where the two enzymes that you want to use require different buffers. It was our goal to simplify your workflow by developing a single buffer that works towards many restriction enzymes as possible.

CutSmart™ buffer is a single buffer that works for over two hundred of our restriction enzymes. The addition of BSA to a reaction will not harm it and in fact it has been shown to enhance some restriction enzyme digests. Therefore we included BSA in the reaction buffer eliminating the need for you to add that separately. We also removed DTT from the reaction buffer. DTT has been present in reaction buffers historically but we determined experimentally that it is not needed.

So what does this mean for you? Setting up a restriction enzyme reaction, particularly double digest reactions are easier than ever before.

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