Chris Taron, Protein Expression & Modification Research at NEB®

In this video, Chris Taron describes the aims and interests of the Protein Expression & Modification Research Division at NEB.


My name is Chris Taron and I am the Scientific Director of Protein Expression & Modification Research at NEB. In our department, we conduct research in two broad topics: protein expression and post-translational modification of proteins.

In the area of protein expression, we are constantly looking to improve the process of heterologous protein production in microbes, in particular in E. coli. We work on host strain engineering, we study protein folding and we work on bioprocess engineering. We also use protein expression to discover new and interesting enzymatic activities through genetic screens and functional metagenomics.

In the area of post-translational modification of proteins, we have programs aimed at understanding oxidative protein folding, in particular the formation of disulfide bonds, and we also study the structure, function and biology of protein-linked glycans. We have a strong emphasis in improving proteomics and glycomics workflows; and use these improved workflows to study complex biological samples like blood serum and the cell surfaces of mammalian and parasite cells.

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