Reagents for RNA Library Preparation

High quality reagents are essential for optimal library preparation. New England Biolabs offers a wide variety of reagents to facilitate front-end processing of RNA for downstream applications including next-generation sequencing, library construction and microarrays.

Each of these reagents must pass rigorous quality control standards. Our enzyme cloning program allows NEB to improve enzyme purity resulting in the highest quality products with improved lot-to-lot consistency.

All reagents for sample preparation can be produced in large scale with stringent specifications that ensure success for your high-throughput technologies.

RNA Sample Preparation RNase
miRNA Cloning, 
Detection, Tail Ends and AdapterLigation
Ribonucleoside Vanadyl Complex      
Murine RNase Inhibitor      
RNase Inhibitor      
Magnetic mRNA Isolation Kit      
Poly(A) Spin mRNA Isolation Kit      
Oligo (dT)25-Cellulose      
Oligo (dT)25-Magnetic Beads    
Oligo (dT)23 VN      
p19 siRNA Binding Protein      
AMV Reverse Transcriptase      
M-MuLV Reverse Transcriptase      
ProtoScript® First Strand cDNA Synthesis Kit      
AMV First Strand cDNA Synthesis Kit      
ProtoScript® Taq RT-PCR Kit      
AMV LongAmp® Taq RT-PCR Kit      
Universal miRNA Cloning Linker      
T4 RNA Ligase 2, truncated      
T4 RNA Ligase 2      
T4 RNA Ligase 1      
E. coli Poly(A) Polymerase      
Poly(U) Polymerase      

 = Recombinant Enzyme