Protein Kinase Substrate Recognition

NEB offers protein kinases for a number of different specificity motifs. Phosphoacceptor residue is indicated in red, amino acids which can function interchangeably at a particular residue are separated by a slash (/), and residues which do not appear to contribute strongly to recognition are indicated by an "X".

Protein Kinase NEB # Recognition Determinant Size
cAMP-dependent Protein Kinase (PKA), Catalytic Subunit P6000S/L R-R-X-S/TYY= hydrophobic residue 100,000/500,000 units
Casein Kinase I (CK1) P6030S/L pS-X-X-S/T 20,000/100,000 units
Casein Kinase II (CK2) P6010S/L S-X-X-E/D 10,000/50,000 units
Glycogen Synthase Kinase 3 (GSK-3) P6040S/L S/T-X-X-X-pS-pT 10,000/50,000 units
CDK1-cyclin B P6020S/L S/T-P-X-R/K 200/1,000 units
Calmodulin-dependent Protein Kinase II (CaMK II) P6060S/L R-X-X-S/T 5,000/25,000 units
p42 MAP Kinase (MAPK) P6080S/L S/T-P 2,000/10,000 units
Abl Protein Tyrosine Kinase (Abl) P6050S/L I/V/L-Y-X-X-P/Fe 2,000/10,000 units

Single-letter Amino Acid Code:
A = alanine, C = cysteine, D = aspartic acid, E = glutamic acid, F = phenylalanine, G = glycine, H = histidine, I = isoleucine, K = lysine, L = leucine, M = methionine, N = asparagine, P = proline, Q = glutamine, R = arginine, S = serine, T = threonine, W = tryptophan, V = valine, Y = tyrosine, X = any amino acid

Note: More specific information on recognition determinants for each kinase can be found on the corresponding product page.