Double Digest Finder

Use this tool to guide your reaction buffer selection when setting up double digests, a common timesaving procedure. Choosing the right buffers will help you to avoid star activity and loss of product. Learn more information about double digests, including how to set up a reaction.

EnzymeCat #TempSupplied NEBufferSupplements% Activity in NEBuffer
BamHItimesaver 5minheat inactivation noR013637°CNEBuffer 3.1no75*100*100100*
BglIItimesaver 5minheat inactivation noR014437°CNEBuffer 3.1no101010010

Double Digest Recommendations for BamHI + BglII:

  • Digest in NEBuffer 3.1 at 37°C.
  • BamHI has a High Fidelity version BamHI-HF® (R3136)
    High Fidelity (HF) Restriction Enzymes have been engineered for reduced star activity and have 100% activity in CutSmart Buffer which may simplify your double digest.
  • * May exhibit star activity in this buffer.

We also encourage you to use our online tool, NEBcloner, which provides you with a detailed double-digest protocol based upon the 2 restriction enzymes that you select.
  1. Double Digestion with NEBcloner

    Find out how easy it is to get double digest recommendations with NEBcloner.