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  • Double Digest Finder

    Use this tool to guide your reaction buffer selection when setting up double digests, a common timesaving procedure. Choosing the right buffers will help you to avoid star activity and loss of product. Learn more information about double digests, including how to set up a reaction.

    EnzymeCat #TempSupplied NEBufferSupplements% Activity in NEBuffer
    BamHItimesaver 5minheat inactivation noR013637°CNEBuffer 3.1no75*100*100100*
    BglIItimesaver 5minheat inactivation noR014437°CNEBuffer 3.1no101010010

    Double Digest Recommendations for BamHI + BglII:

    • Digest in NEBuffer 3.1 at 37°C.
    • BamHI has a High Fidelity version BamHI-HF® (R3136)
      High Fidelity (HF) Restriction Enzymes have been engineered for reduced star activity and have 100% activity in CutSmart Buffer which may simplify your double digest.
    • * May exhibit star activity in this buffer.
    The Double Digest Finder utilizes our CutSmart buffer system. If you are still using the old buffer system, the previous version of the Double Digest Finder will be available until October 1, 2015. If you have any questions, please contact our technical support team at info@neb.com.

    We also encourage you to use our online tool, NEBcloner, which provides you with a detailed double-digest protocol based upon the 2 restriction enzymes that you select.
    NEB Cloner