NEB Barcoding System

NEB uses a barcoding system that allows enhanced tracking of product within NEB, increases the accuracy of our shipping operations and also provides expanded product information for each shipped item.

The barcode (see image below) is based on Code 128 symbology, consists of a six-digit catalog number (eg., R0101S), a seven digit lot number (eg., 0330711), a four-digit expiration date (eg., 0911), and a single digit used for internal tracking of our packaging operations within NEB. For the three pieces of coded information (cat #, lot #, exp. date), the details are as follows:

  1. catalog # - the standard six-digit system is our standard catalog number.
  2. lot # - for most products; the first three-digits indicates the master lot. This is followed by a four-digit code referencing the assay or packaging date. Reporting the assay or packaging date allows greater traceability here at NEB. The format will be 3 digits for the master lot, 2 digits for the year, and 2 digits for the month. For some buffers the first three-digits indicates the packaging run and the next four-digits indicates the formulation or packaging date. This is required to help distinguish packaging runs carried out on the same lot in the same month.
  3. expiration date - this is a four digit sequence, 2 digits for the year followed by 2 digits for the month; for example, 1511 would indicate an expiration date of November 2015.