Supplier Code of Conduct

New England Biolabs, Inc. (NEB) is committed to conducting business with integrity and in a sustainable manner.  Making the world a better place and ensuring the betterment of the people NEB touches are cornerstones of NEB’s mission.  NEB appreciates the critical role its suppliers play in its operations and understands it cannot achieve its mission without their assistance.  To this end, NEB prepared this Supplier Code of Conduct to set forth its ethics, labor, health, and safety, and environmental responsibility standards for its suppliers.  NEB expects each of its suppliers to act in accordance with the principles listed in this Code of Conduct in the operation of its business.  


Business Ethics

NEB is committed to being a good neighbor, both locally and globally. NEB expects its suppliers to conduct their business in an ethical manner and to act with integrity.

Business Integrity and Anti-Corruption

Suppliers will know and follow the laws that apply to them and their business and will prohibit, and not engage in, any corruption, extortion, embezzlement, or money laundering of any type. Suppliers will not pay or accept bribes or participate in other illegal inducements in business or government relationships. Suppliers will comply with all applicable anti-trust and fair competition laws.  Suppliers will employ fair business practices, including accurate and truthful advertising. 

Whistleblower Protections

Employees of suppliers should be encouraged to report concerns or illegal activities in the workplace, without threat of reprisal, intimidation, or harassment. Suppliers will investigate and take corrective action if and as needed.

Privacy and Protection of Personal Data

Suppliers will comply, at a minimum, with generally accepted practices and regulations related to collection, retention, use, and protection of personal information obtained from customers and employees. Suppliers will safeguard and make only proper use of such information to ensure that company, worker, personal, and other privacy rights are protected.

Human Rights

Suppliers will not violate internationally proclaimed human rights and will take steps to ensure they are not complicit in any form of human rights abuses.

Animal Welfare 

Suppliers will support and respect animal welfare while adopting animal practices where an animal’s pain and stress are minimized.


Labor, Health and Safety

NEB prioritizes the safety, well-being, and dignity of all employees and understands the talents and hard work of these individuals help NEB deliver its products and services.  NEB expects its suppliers to maintain fair, safe, and healthy working conditions and practices in conducting their business.

Child Labor

Suppliers will not employ any employee who is under the age of 15 or the age for completion of compulsory education, whichever is higher. Suppliers will not allow workers under the age of 17 to perform work which, by its nature or the circumstances in which it is carried out, is likely to endanger their health, safety, or morals. 

Forced Labor

Suppliers will not use any forced labor, whether in the form of prison, indentured, bonded, slave or other forms of forced labor, nor will suppliers engage in human trafficking. 

Harassment, Abuse, and Disciplinary Practices 

Suppliers will treat all employees with respect and dignity.  Suppliers will not engage in any form of discrimination based on race, religion, color, sex, age, marital status, veteran status, ancestry, national origin, political affiliation, medical condition, disability, or sexual orientation or based on any other reason prohibited by law.  Suppliers will not allow any employee to be exposed to any physical, sexual, psychological, or verbal harassment or abuse and suppliers will not use monetary fines or embarrassing acts to discipline employees.

Fair Compensation

Suppliers will pay all employees reasonably and in compliance with applicable wage laws, including minimum wage, overtime, and mandated benefit laws.

Freedom of Association

Suppliers will respect the rights of workers to associate freely and join organizations of their own selection. Employees should be able to communicate openly with supplier management regarding working conditions without threat of reprisal, intimidation, or harassment.

Worker Safety

Suppliers will provide a safe workplace by taking measures to prevent accidents and injury, to protect workers from over-exposure to unsafe chemical or biological conditions, and to ensure any physically demanding tasks in the workplace are undertaken safely and with proper equipment. Suppliers will implement policies, procedures, and training for purposes of reducing the possibility of accidents and injuries in the workplace. 


Environmental Responsibility

Driven by a strong sense of corporate responsibility, NEB is committed to minimizing the environmental impact of its operations, with the goal of leaving the world a greener, bluer, and healthier planet. NEB expects its suppliers to operate in an environmentally responsible manner and minimize their adverse impacts on the environment. 

Management of Resources 

Suppliers will strive to conserve natural resources, avoid the use of hazardous materials, and engage in activities that reuse and recycle.  

Suppliers will minimize and optimize packaging materials to reduce overall material consumption and use renewable and recycled materials where possible.

Suppliers will encourage the development and diffusion of environmentally friendly technologies.

Environmental Policies

Suppliers will maintain written environmental policies and standards and comply with all applicable laws and regulations regarding environmental requirements or discharge limits. Suppliers will have obtained all required environmental permits, licenses or authorizations and will follow applicable operational and reporting requirements.

Suppliers will track and strive to reduce environmental impacts from business operations (including, but not limited to air emissions, energy and water consumption, waste and recycling efforts, handling of hazardous materials, business travel, and inbound/outbound distribution) and undertake initiatives to promote greater environmental responsibility.