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  • Molecular Biology Summer Workshops

    The two-week long course covers in-depth DNA cloning, PCR, DNA sequencing, genomics and bioinformatics. Learn hands-on techniques used in gene expression analysis including microarray analysis, RNAi and quantitative RT-PCR, bioinformatics and genomics and proteomics.

    No previous experience in molecular biology is required or expected. Forty participants per session will be selected from a variety of disciplines and academic backgrounds.

    $4300 per participant  
    Two week session:
    July 24 – August 6, 2016

    Ford Hall, Smith College
    Northampton, MA USA 01063

    • Fee includes the lab manual, use of all equipment and supplies, and room and board (all rooms are singles)
    • Apply by July 1, 2016
    • Late applications will be accepted on a space available basis. 
    • Payment due 3 weeks following receipt of your email acceptance letter.

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    To apply:
    Phone: (413) 585-3915

    1. Molecular Biology Summer Workshops

      Looking to gain some background in molecular biology? Hear why our Molecular Biology Summer Workshop might be just what you need.

    You’ll Learn About:

    • Gene cloning (and library construction)
    • Gene expression analysis
    • PCR and quantitative RT-PCR
    • Genomics and bioinformatics
    • DNA sequencing, including NextGen & RNA-Seq
    • RNAi and siRNA
    • CRISPR/Cas9