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  • University of Texas, Austin - ICMB

    • University of Texas, Austin - ICMB
      DNA Core Facility, MBB 1.426
      2500 Speedway
      Austin, TX 78712
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      Monday - Friday, 10:00 am - 12:00 pm & 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm

      Whitney Krause
      Phone (512) 471-0758
      FAX (512) 232-3432
      Your NEB Sales Rep
      Lynn McBee

      Phone (214) 707-7065
      FAX (214) 520-9130

    Available in this Freezer

    NEB #Competent CellsSizeStockroom #
    C3019HNEB 10-beta Competent E. coli (High Efficiency)20 x 0.05 ml/tube
    NEB #DiscontinuedSizeStockroom #
    B9001SBSA6 ml (4 x 1.5 ml)
    P8102SProteinase K60 mg
    NEB #DNA Modifying Enzymes & Cloning TechnologiesSizeStockroom #
    M0201ST4 Polynucleotide Kinase500 units
    M0202LT4 DNA Ligase100,000 units
    M0202MT4 DNA Ligase100,000 units
    M0202ST4 DNA Ligase20,000 units
    M0202TT4 DNA Ligase20,000 units
    M0212MKlenow Fragment (3'→5' exo-)1,000 units
    M0289SAntarctic Phosphatase1,000 units
    M0290SAlkaline Phosphatase, Calf Intestinal (CIP)1,000 units
    M2200SQuick Ligation™ Kit30 reactions
    NEB #Markers & LaddersSizeStockroom #
    N3231L100 bp DNA Ladder0.5 ml
    N3231S100 bp DNA Ladder0.1 ml
    N3232L1 kb DNA Ladder1 ml
    N3232S1 kb DNA Ladder0.2 ml
    N3233SLow Molecular Weight DNA Ladder0.1 ml
    N3236S50 bp DNA Ladder0.1 ml
    P7708SPrestained Protein Marker, Broad Range (7-175 kDa)1.1 ml
    NEB #PCR, Polymerases & Amplification TechnologiesSizeStockroom #
    M0203ST4 DNA Polymerase150 units
    M0210LDNA Polymerase I, Large (Klenow) Fragment1,000 units
    M0210MDNA Polymerase I, Large (Klenow) Fragment1,000 units
    M0210SDNA Polymerase I, Large (Klenow) Fragment200 units
    M0254SVentR® DNA Polymerase200 units
    M0267LTaq DNA Polymerase with ThermoPol® Buffer2,000 units
    M0267STaq DNA Polymerase with ThermoPol® Buffer400 units
    M0271SQuick-Load® Taq 2X Master Mix100 reactions (50 μl vol)
    M0530LPhusion® High-Fidelity DNA Polymerase500 units
    M0530SPhusion® High-Fidelity DNA Polymerase100 units
    N0446SDeoxynucleotide (dNTP) Solution Set25 μmol of each
    N0447SDeoxynucleotide (dNTP) Solution Mix8 μmol of each
    NEB #Restriction EndonucleasesSizeStockroom #
    R0103SHincII1,000 units
    R0104SHindIII10,000 units
    R0105SHpaI500 units
    R0111SNdeI4,000 units
    R0113SBstXI1,000 units
    R0117SAatII500 units
    R0123SSfiI3,000 units
    R0127SNsiI1,000 units
    R0130SSnaBI500 units
    R0133LSpeI2,500 units
    R0133SSpeI500 units
    R0141SSmaI2,000 units
    R0144LBglII10,000 units
    R0144SBglII2,000 units
    R0145LXbaI15,000 units
    R0145SXbaI3,000 units
    R0146LXhoI25,000 units
    R0146SXhoI5,000 units
    R0150SPvuI500 units
    R0157LSacII10,000 units
    R0157SSacII2,000 units
    R0160SBclI3,000 units
    R0161SAccI1,000 units
    R0171SHpaII2,000 units
    R0174SAvrII100 units
    R0176SDpnI1,000 units
    R0180SXmaI500 units
    R0187SStuI1,000 units
    R0190SNaeI500 units
    R0194SXmnI1,000 units
    R0197SClaI1,000 units
    R0198SMluI1,000 units
    R0199SBssHII500 units
    R0501SRsrII500 units
    R0520SAflII2,000 units
    R0525SMseI500 units
    R0526SAseI2,000 units
    R0532SPmlI2,000 units
    R0533SXcmI1,000 units
    R0543SDpnII1,000 units
    R0547LPacI1,250 units
    R0547SPacI250 units
    R0558SAscI500 units
    R0560SPmeI500 units
    R0564SNgoMIV1,000 units
    R0568SBfaI500 units
    R0575SBsrGI1,000 units
    R0588SFseI100 units
    R0589SMfeI500 units
    R3101LEcoRI-HF®50,000 units
    R3101SEcoRI-HF®10,000 units
    R3122SScaI-HF®1,000 units
    R3131SNheI-HF®1,000 units
    R3132SSspI-HF®1,000 units
    R3136LBamHI-HF®50,000 units
    R3136SBamHI-HF®10,000 units
    R3138LSalI-HF®10,000 units
    R3138SSalI-HF®2,000 units
    R3140SPstI-HF®10,000 units
    R3142SKpnI-HF®4,000 units
    R3151SPvuII-HF®5,000 units
    R3156LSacI-HF®10,000 units
    R3156SSacI-HF®2,000 units
    R3182LSphI-HF®2,500 units
    R3182SSphI-HF®500 units
    R3189LNotI-HF®2,500 units
    R3189SNotI-HF®500 units
    R3193SNcoI-HF®1,000 units
    R3195SEcoRV-HF®4,000 units
    R3505SEagI-HF®500 units
    R3552SAgeI-HF®300 units
    R3589SMfeI-HF®500 units