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  • University of Pittsburgh
    Biological Sciences Stockroom, Room 326
    219 Parkman Avenue
    Pittsburgh, PA 15280
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    Monday - Friday, 8:00 am - 5:00 pm

    Michael Barrett
    Phone (412) 624-4275
    FAX (412) 648-3122
    Your NEB Sales Rep
    Ryan Aruck

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Available in this Freezer

NEB #DNA Modifying Enzymes & Cloning TechnologiesSizeStockroom #
M0201ST4 Polynucleotide Kinase500 units50811602
M0202ST4 DNA Ligase20,000 units50811605
M0367SBlunt/TA Ligase Master Mix50 reactions5081
M0370SInstant Sticky-end Ligase Master Mix50 reactions5081
NEB #PCR, qPCR & Amplification TechnologiesSizeStockroom #
M0203ST4 DNA Polymerase150 units50811608
M0210SDNA Polymerase I, Large (Klenow) Fragment200 units50811623
M0491SQ5® High-Fidelity DNA Polymerase100 units5081
NEB #Restriction EndonucleasesSizeStockroom #
R0101SEcoRI10,000 units50811920
R0104SHindIII10,000 units50811928
R0105SHpaI500 units50811931
R0111SNdeI4,000 units50811947
R0114SApaI5,000 units50811952
R0130SSnaBI500 units50811980
R0131SNheI1,000 units50811983
R0133SSpeI500 units50811989
R0136SBamHI10,000 units50811996
R0138SSalI2,000 units50812002
R0141SSmaI2,000 units50812011
R0142SKpnI4,000 units50812014
R0144SBglII2,000 units50812019
R0145SXbaI3,000 units50812022
R0146SXhoI5,000 units50812025
R0150SPvuI500 units50812036
R0156SSacI2,000 units50812056
R0182SSphI500 units50812101
R0189SNotI500 units50812109
R0193SNcoI1,000 units50812120
R0195SEcoRV4,000 units50812126
R0197SClaI1,000 units50812131
NEB #RNA ReagentsSizeStockroom #
M0368SProtoScript® II Reverse Transcriptase4,000 units5081