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  • Restriction Endonucleases

    Restriction Endonucleases

    For over 35 years, New England Biolabs has led the industry in the discovery and production of restriction enzymes. As one of the first companies to commercialize restriction enzymes, we are committed to providing a wide selection of high quality enzymes at exceptional value. NEB carries  279 restriction enzymes, all backed by NEB's quality guaranty.

    1. CutSmart Restriction Enzyme Buffer

      Over 200 of NEB's restriction enzymes are 100% active in a single buffer. Learn more about CutSmart™ Buffer and why it matters to you.

    2. What are Restriction Enzymes?

      Watch as Geoff Wilson, Restriction Enzymes Division Head, describes what restriction enzymes are and how they revolutionized molecular biology.

    3. Time-Saver Qualified Restriction Enzymes

      How will Time-Saver™ qualified enzymes save you time? Find out from an NEB scientist.

    4. Reduce Star Activity with High-Fidelity Restriction Enzymes

      NEB has engineered HF® enzymes to eliminate star activity. Learn how, and what this means for your digests.

    5. Standard Protocol for Restriction Enzyme Digests

      Let one of NEB's restriction enzyme experts help you improve your technique and avoid common mistakes in digest setup.

    6. 6 Reasons to Try RE-Mix Restriction Enzyme Master Mixes

    7. Why is My Restriction Enzyme Not Cutting DNA?

      Not getting the cleavage you expected? Let an NEB scientist help you troubleshoot your reaction.

    8. Discovering New Restriction Enzymes

      Watch as Rick Morgan, Research Scientist in the Restriction Enzyme Division, describes his passion for discovering and characterizing restriction enzymes from nature.

    9. The Interaction of Restriction Enzymes and DNA

      Watch as Geoff Wilson, Restriction Enzyme Division Head, describes the interaction of restriction enzymes and substrate DNA using computer models generated from x-ray crystallography data.

    10. Restriction Enzyme Digest Problem: Too Many DNA Bands

      Are you finding unexpected bands in your digestion reaction? Here are some tips to help you determine the cause.

    11. Setting-up Restriction Enzyme Digests with RE-Mix Master Mixes

      RE-Mix® Restriction Enzyme Master Mixes offer simplified reaction setup. Learn more about digesting DNA with RE-Mix.

    12. NEB Restriction Enzyme Double Digest Protocol

      Double digestions can save you time, and this video can offer tips for how to achieve the best results, no matter which of NEB's restriction enzymes you're using.

    13. Restriction Enzyme Digestion Problem: DNA Smear on Agarose Gel

      Learn more about what causes this common problem, and how NEB's enzymes are QC'd to avoid DNA smearing.

    14. Restriction Enzyme Digest Protocol: Cutting Close to DNA End

      When cutting close to the end of a DNA molecule, make sure you know how many bases to add to the ends of your PCR primers.

    Restriction Endonucleases includes these subcategories:

    High-Fidelity (HF®) Restriction Endonucleases
    Homing Endonucleases
    Nicking Endonucleases
    RE-Mix® Restriction Enzyme Master Mixes
    Restriction Enzymes for Epigenetic Analysis (EpiMark® Validated)
    Time-Saver™ Qualified Restriction Enzymes