Reporter Systems

New England Biolabs offers a selection of products for the study and manipulation of gene expression. These products include a group of validated and highly efficient transfection reagents for the most commonly used cell lines, as well as many primary endothelial and epithelial cells.

Activity of Gaussia (GLuc) and Cypridina (CLuc) Luciferases Expressed in CHO Cells.

Activity was determined from the conditional media or cell lysate.

Extreme Sensitivity of the Gaussia Luciferase Reporter.

HeLa cells were transfected with 1 µg of pCMV-GLuc or pCMV-Renilla, and activity was measured from the cell supernatant (S) or cell lysate (L). Note that although Gaussia Luciferase is a secreted reporter, there is sufficient measurable activity inside the cell. Renilla is only expressed intracellularly.

Detection of Low Numbers of Cells Expressing GLuc and CLuc

The indicated number of cells expressing GLuc or CLuc was diluted with untransfected CHO cells and cultured in a 24-well plate format for 1 day. A 20 µl sample from each well was assayed for each luciferase.

Featured Products

Reporter Systems includes these subcategories:

Gaussia Luciferase
Cypridina Luciferase


  • Naturally Secreted – Used in live cell assays
  • Sensitivity – Brightest luciferases available; enables single cell applications 
  • Stability – Samples can be stored for several days with no loss of activity 
  • Easy-to-use – Cell lysis not necessary 
  • Non-destructive – Living cells can be used in downstream assays 
  • Flexible – Activity can also be measured in cell lysates


  • Transfection optimization studies 
  • Promoter/enhancer assays 
  • High throughput assays 
  • Multiplex assays 
  • Multiple assays with other reporters
  • Secretory pathway reporter assays
  • Signal transduction
  • siRNA potency screening
  • Time course studies
  • Single cell assays, including stem cells and primary cells
  • Live cell assays
  • Assays in difficult to transfect cells

NEB vs Other Commercially Available Reporter Systems

Features Gaussia Cypridina Renilla Firefly Metridia
Extreme Sensitivity      
Does not require and is
not affected by ATP

Comparison of the features of commercially available reporter systems highlights the advantages of using Gaussia or Cypridina Luciferase from NEB.

Reporter System Selection Chart

NEB offer a variety of products that utilize secreted Gaussia Luciferase (GLuc) and Cypridina Luciferase (CLuc) in reporter assays.