Cypridina Luciferase

Cypridina Luciferase (CLuc), from the marine ostracod Cypridina noctiluca is efficiently secreted from mammalian cells (1,2). CLuc does not react with coelenterazine, a common substrate of marine luciferases. It uses a specific luciferin, which is not a substrate for Gaussia Luciferase. This allows the detection of both of GLuc and CLuc expressed from the same cells.

Activity of Gaussia (GLuc) and Cypridina (CLuc) Luciferases Expressed in CHO Cells

Activity was determined from the conditional media or cell lysate.

Detection of Low Numbers of Cell Expressing GLuc and CLuc

The indicated number of cells expressing GLuc or CLuc was diluted with untransfected CHO cells and cultured in a 24-well plate format for 1 day. A 20 µl sample from each well was assayed for each luciferase.


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