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    Synthetic Biology

    The evolution of our understanding of life sciences has opened the doors to recreate natural systems and even design biological functions and systems that do not exist in nature. NEB supports synthetic biology research by providing the NEBuilder® HiFi DNA Assembly products (NEB #E2621 and #E5520), BioBrick® Assembly Kit (NEB #E0546) and the Gibson Assembly™ Products (NEB #E2611, and #E5510). These products are helpful to the synthetic biology community because of their convenience, flexibility and suitability for a wide range of sequence sizes.

    BioBrick® is a registered trademark of the BioBricks Foundation.
    NEBuilder® is a registered trademark of New England Biolabs, Inc
    Gibson Assembly™ is a manufactured by New England Biolabs, Inc under license from synthetic Genomics, Inc
    1. Generation of Plasmid Vectors Expressing FLAG-tagged Proteins Under the Regulation of Human Elongation Factor-1α Promoter

      See how Petar & Clinton, NEB/JoVE video abstract contest winners, have been using NEB's Gibson Assembly products in their laboratory!

    2. DNA Blunting Tutorial

      The first step in determining how your ends will be blunted is to determine if they are 5´ or 3´ overhangs. This tutorial will teach you how to identify what type of overhang you have, as well as which enzyme will blunt that end, and how.

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