DNA Modifying Enzymes
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  • DNA Repair Proteins

    NEB carries a selection of  DNA repair enzymes for use in multiple applications:

    • Repair of DNA sample degradation due to oxidative damage, UV radiation, ionizing radiation, phenol/chloroform extraction, mechanical shearing, formalin fixation (post extraction) or long term storage
    • Base excision repair
    • DNA mismatch repair
    • Nucleotide excision repair
    • Forensic analysis of environmental samples, analysis of ancient DNA, DNA damage control, and DNA-DNA and protein-DNA interactions
    • Preparation for downstream applications such as PCR, microarray analysis, or other DNA technologies
    • Single cell gel electrophoresis (Comet assay) to assess samples for DNA damage
    • Genotoxicity tests by alkaline elution or alkaline unwinding
    • Manipulation of DNA supercoiling using DNA Gyrase (NEB #M0306) and Topoisomerase I (NEB #M0301)
    • Elimination or repair of large DNA secondary structures using T7 Endonuclease I (NEB #M0302)

    Properties of DNA Repair Enzymes

    DNA Repair Glycosidases on Various Damaged Bases dsDNA