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  • DNA Library Preparation

    Many of our modifying enzymes are available as validated sets for both DNA and RNA library preparation.  

    NEBNext® reagents are a series of highly pure reagents that facilitate library preparation of DNA for downstream applications such as next generation sequencing and expression library construction. Available in sets, master mixes and modules, these robust reagents undergo stringent quality controls and functional validation, ensuring maximum yield, convenience and value.

    NEBNext dsDNA Fragmentase® is an enzyme-based solution for fragmentation of DNA. dsDNA Fragmentase will generate 100-800 bp fragments in a time-dependent manner, and is ideal for generation of fragments for library construction and next generation sequencing library preparation.

    NEBNext® and Fragmentase® are registered trademarks of New England Biolabs, Inc.

    Advantages of NEBNext Reagents for DNA Library Preparation

    • Convenient Formats – All of the required enzymes, buffers and nucleotides are included, many available in master mix format. Sets for Ion Torrent include adaptors and primers. Modules offer the ability to customize sample preparation. 
    • Functional Validation – Each reagent set or module is functionally validated by preparation of a genomic DNA or ChIP-Seq DNA library that is sequenced using the appropriate sequencing platform (Illumina, 454, SOLiD or Ion Torrent). 
    • Stringent Quality Controls – Additional QCs ensure maximum quality and purity. 
    • Value Pricing

    Applications of NEBNext Reagents for DNA Library Preparation

    • Next generation sequencing library preparation
    • Expression library construction
    • High density hybridization arrays
    • Genomic subtraction hybridization methods

    DNA Library Construction Workflow

    ChIP-Seq Library Construction Workflow