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    Cloning Strains

    Ensure successful transformations with NEB competent E. coli for cloning. Choose from several high efficiency competent cell strains in a variety of formats that deliver performance, convenience and value.

    NEB Competent E. coli – building a strong foundation for your cloning experiments.

    Advantages of NEB Competent Cells

    • Free of animal products 
    • T1 phage resistance (fhuA2) 
    • Media and control plasmid included with most strains 
    • A variety of convenient formats, including single use transformation tubes and, on request, 96 well plates 
    • Bulk sales capabilities with custom packaging

    Advantages of NEB Cloning Strains

    • High transformation efficiencies 
    • EndA deficient for high quality plasmid preparation 
    • T1 phage resistant 
    • RecA deficient for reduced recombination of cloned DNA 
    • Free of animal products 
    • Suitable for blue/white screening 
    • Available as single-use tubes or multiple use aliquots 
    • Outgrowth media and control plasmid included 
    • Bulk sales capabilities with custom packaging formats

    Save on Shipping Charges

    Save money on shipping charges when purchasing competent cells from NEB

    NEB Competent E. coli Strains

    NEB offers several stains with varying levels of expression control, each with phage T1 resistance and extremely high transformation efficiencies.

    High Transformation Efficiencies with NEB Competent E. coli

    Benefit from high transformation efficiencies with NEB Competent E. coli.