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    • RNA Reagents

      RNA Reagents

      Explore NEB's growing array of reagents for all your RNA research needs.
    • Gene Expression

      Gene Expression

      NEB offers several gene expression tools for DNA, RNA and protein transfection of many cell lines, including primary endothelial and epithelial cells.
    • Cellular Analysis

      Cellular Analysis

      New England Biolabs offers an innovative technology for studying the function and localization of proteins in living and fixed cells. Covalent protein labeling offers simplicity and versatility to the imaging of mammalian proteins in live cells, as well as the ability to capture proteins in vitro.
    • Glycobiology


      Several classes of glycans can be isolated and analyzed via enzymatic treatment with glycosidases or heparinases provided by New England Biolabs.
    • DNA Plasmids

      NEB offers a selection of common plasmids and DNAs for use in cloning experiments.