RNA Analysis
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  • RNA Transfection

    Deliberate introduction of exogenous RNA into cells has numerous experimental applications. Cytosolic delivery of RNA into mammalian cells is typically accomplished using electroporation or forming complexes of RNA with chemical compounds that facilitate their cellular uptake by (1). Transfection of short interfering RNA (siRNA) and long RNA has revolutionized the study of gene function.


    1. Warren, L., et al (2010) Cell Biology 7, 618-630. PMID: 20888316
    New England Biolabs supports RNA research by providing the tools necessary for synthesis, processing, transfection, detection, isolation, analysis, amplification and cloning of RNA molecules.

    Protocols for

    RNA Transfection

    Reagents for RNA Sample Preparation

    NEB offers a wide variety of reagents to facilitate front-end processing of RNA for downstream applications including next-generation sequencing, library construction and microarrays.

    RNA Polymerase Selection Chart

    NEB offers RNA polymerases that can be used for in vitro synthesis of RNA for a wide variety of downstream applications. Additional polymerases are offered for the generation of untemplated homoribopolymeric tails for reverse transcription or labeling.

    cDNA Synthesis Selection Chart

    NEB offers several reagents for cDNA synthesis for use in applications including qPCR and qRT-PCR. For your convenience, reagents are available as kits or standalone products, depending on your needs.