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Illumina® Library Preparation

Library preparation of fragmented DNA, ChIP-DNA, and cDNA prepared from mRNA, for use with the Illumina® sequencing platform, involves repair of 3’ and 5’ ends followed by the addition of a non-templated dA-tail before ligation to an adaptor, and PCR amplification. Small RNA libraries are constructed using a different workflow, in which adaptors are ligated directly to the small RNA molecules, followed by reverse transcription and PCR amplification. For more information, choose the workflow tabs below.

Libraries prepared in this manner are suitable for cluster generation, the next step in the Illumina sequencing workflow.

NEBNext® reagents are available for each step in the library preparation workflow for the Illumina platform. For DNA, ChIP, mRNA and small RNA library preparation for sequencing with the Illumina series of instruments, reagents from NEB are available in a set, master mix set or module format. Each of these reagents has been functionally validated by preparation of a genomic DNA, ChIP-Seq DNA, mRNA or small RNA library, followed by Illumina sequencing.

GenomeWeb article reviews NEBNext Small RNA Kits.

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