Next Generation Sequencing
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  • Library Preparation for Next Generation Sequencing

    The success of techniques such as next-generation sequencing, microarrays and library construction is contingent upon the precise and accurate processing of DNA and RNA.

    Library preparation of nucleic acids relies on a coordinated series of standard molecular biology reactions, and preparation of high quality libraries at high yield is a critical first step in the next generation sequencing workflow. As the number of applications in the realm of next generation sequencing increases, so does the need for reagents and protocols for library preparation.

    NEBNext® reagents are a series of highly pure reagents that facilitate library preparation of DNA or RNA for downstream applications such as next generation sequencing and expression library construction.

    Use the following charts to determine the bext NEBNext products for you:

    NEBNext® is a registered trademark of New England Biolabs, Inc.
    1. A Breakthrough Method of RNA Sample Preparation

      The common problem of adaptor dimer formation during small RNA library construction can be avoided by using NEBNext® protocols. Learn about this technique, and how it improves both performance and sensitivity in library construction.

    Featured Products

    Library Preparation for Next Generation Sequencing includes these areas of focus:

    Illumina® Library Preparation
    DNA for Illumina®
    RNA for Illumina®
    Ion Torrent™ DNA Library Preparation
    DNA for Ion Torrent™
    454™ Library Preparation
    DNA for 454™
    RNA for 454™
    SOLiD™ Library Preparation
    DNA for SOLiD™
    RNA for SOLiD™
    DNA Library Preparation
    RNA Library Preparation
    DNA Fragmentation
    NEBNext® dsDNA Fragmentase®
    NEBNext® Automation
    FFPE DNA Repair
    NEBNext FFPE DNA Repair Mix

    FAQs for Library Preparation for Next Generation Sequencing

    Protocols for Library Preparation for Next Generation Sequencing