We believe that basic research and the cultivation of scientific knowledge is critical for us to stay connected with our customers and to drive scientific breakthroughs. At NEB, over 30 labs participate in research projects, which are aided by post-doctoral fellows and students in Masters and Ph.D. programs. NEB researchers have authored or co-authored over 1,200 publications (as of 1/19) many of which are in peer-reviewed journals. Further, NEB products have been used successfully in numerous publications by scientists throughout the world.

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Year Title Journal Authors Application(s)
2021 Reliable detection of somatic mutation in solid tissues by laser-capture microdissection and low-input DNA sequencing. Nat Protoc Ellis P, et al.
2021 Partial agonism improves the anti-hyperglycaemic efficacy of an oxyntomodulin-derived GLP-1R/GCGR co-agonist. Mol Metab Pickford, P., Lucey, M., Rujan, R.M., McGlone, E.R., Bitsi, S., Ashford, F., Correa, I.R., Jr., Hodson, D.J., Tomas, A., Deganutti, G., Reynolds, C.A., Owen, B.M., Tan, T.M., Minnion, J., Jones, B., Bloom, S.R.
2021 High-throughput full-length single-cell RNA-seq automation. Nat Protoc Mamanova L, et al.
2021 A pair of non-competing neutralizing human monoclonal antibodies protecting from disease in a SARS-CoV-2 infection model. bioRxiv Peter AS, et al.
2021 Functional metagenomics of the thioredoxin superfamily. J. Biol Chem. Nilewski, S., Varatnitskaya, M., Masuch, T., Kusnezowa, A., Gellert, M., Baumann, A.F., Lupilov, N., Kusnezow, W., Koch, M.-H., Eisenacher, M., Berkmen, M., Lillig, C.H., Leicher, L.I.
2021 Enzymatic methyl sequencing detects DNA methylation at single-base resolution from picograms of DNA. Genome Res. Vaisvila, R., Ponnaluri, V.K.C., Sun, Z., Langhorst, B.W., Saleh, L., Guan, S., Dai, N., Campbell, M.A., Sexton, B.S., Marks, K., Samaranayake, M., Samuelson, J.C., Church, H.E., Tamanaha, E., Correa, I.R., Jr., Pradhan, S., Dimalanta, E.T., Evans, T.C., Jr., Williams, L., Davis, B.
2021 Mapping of polymeric modification that extends from the carboxyl-terminus of tubulins Anal Biochem McClung, C., Chin, H.G., Hansen, U., Noren, C.J., Pradhan, S., Ruse, C.I.
2021 The Mbam drainage system and onchocerciasis transmission post ivermectin mass drug administration (MDA) camaign, Cameroon PLoS Negl Trop Dis Abong, R.A., Amambo, G.N., Hamid, A.A., Enow, B.A., Beng, A.A., Nietcho, F.N., Nji, T.M., Njouendou, A.J., Ritter, M., Esum, M.E., Deribe, K., Cho, J.F., Fombad, F.F., Enyong, P.I., Poole, C., Pfarr, K., Hoerauf, A., Carlow, C., Wanji, S.
2021 Validation of loop-mediated isothermal amplification for the detection of Loa loa infection in Chrysops spp in experimental and natural field conditions Parasit Vectors Amambo, G.N., Abong, R.A., Fombad, F.F., Njouendou, A.J., Nietcho, F., Beng, A.A., Manuel, R., Escum, M.E., Deribe, K., Cho, J.F., Enyong, P.I., Poole, C., Hoerauf, A., Carlow, C., Wanji, S.
2021 Evaluation of whole-genome DNA methylation sequencing library preparation protocols. Epigenet Chromatin Morrison J, et al.