Usage guidelines for reagents included in the NEBNext® Companion Module for Oxford Nanopore Technologies® Ligation Sequencing (NEB #E7180)

This module contains the following reagents, at volumes designed for use in several protocols alongside Oxford Nanopore Technologies SQK-LSK109 and SQK-LSK110. The appropriate device-specific SQK-LSK109 or SQK-LSK110 protocol from Oxford Nanopore Technologies should be followed for use of these reagents.

Please note:

  1. Thaw all reagents on ice
  2. Flick and invert reagents to ensure they are well mixed.
  3. Always spin down tubes before opening the first time each day.
  4. Ultra II End prep buffer and FFPE DNA Repair buffer may have some precipitate. Allow the mixture to come to room temperature and pipette the buffer several times to break up the precipitate, followed by a quick vortex to mix.
  5. FFPE DNA repair buffer may have a yellow tinge and is fine to use if yellow.
    Mix the Quick T4 DNA Ligase by pipetting up and down several times prior to adding to the reaction, as it is a viscous reagent.