Overview of Reaction Setup (NEB #S0164)

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Prepare reaction as described below:



Any WarmStart® LAMP/RT-LAMP 2X Master Mix
(NEB #M1700, M1708, M1800, or M1804)

12.5 μl

Control LAMP Primer Mix (rActin) (NEB #S0164)

2.5 μl

Nuclease-free Water

Y μl

Detection Component [optional]*

X μl

Sample Nucleic Acid

2.0 μl

Total Volume

25 μl

* Common detection components include LAMP Fluorescent Dye (NEB #B1700), hydroxynaphthol blue, calcein (with manganese), or DARQ probes. For turbidity detection, no additional components are required. A 1X concentration of LAMP fluorescent dye (i.e., 0.5 μl of NEB #B1700) is recommended for most real-time PCR instruments. Lower concentrations of LAMP fluorescent dye (e.g., 0.1X) may be necessary on some instruments or portable devices to avoid a saturated fluorescence signal.