Rapid PNGase F Antibody Standard Protocol (P6043)

  1. Combine 5 - 100 μg of Rapid PNGase F Antibody Standard and H2O to a volume of 16 μl.
  2. Add 4 μl of 5X Rapid PNGase F Buffer to make a 20 μl total reaction volume.
  3. Add 1 μl of Rapid PNGase F.
  4. Incubate 10 minutes at 50°C.
  5. Prepare sample for downstream analysis. For detailed protocols reference the Rapid PNGase F (NEB#P0710) protocol tab.
  1. Choose the optimal amount of antibody standard for your application.
  2. 100 μg of antibody standard is the maximum amount that should be used with 1μl of Rapid PNGase F enzyme. Less antibody standard can be used per reaction. 
  3. For ideal SDS-PAGE analysis, we recommend loading no more than 2-4ug of antibody standard per lane.
  4. Although the Rapid PNGase F antibody standard (IgG2a) is deglycosylated in 1-step, it can also be used as a positive control for a 2-step Rapid PNGase F reaction.