Save Time and Money by Purchasing Through a Freezer Program

The convenience of on-site access is only the beginning of the NEB Freezer Program's total benefit to you.

  • Customized Inventory: Onsite inventory is determined by periodic monitoring of product usage, providing your researchers with instant access to the reagents they use most often. 
  • You Have Total Control: Individual Programs are completely site-managed.
  • New England Biolabs as a Resource: Freezer Programs are supported by dedicated staff at NEB corporate headquarters as well as through local Regional Account Managers. This support includes custom-designed online order forms on for "no-hassle" ordering, access to periodic sales data, annual net Price files and notifications of new product releases/promotions designed to keep up with your researchers' current needs.
  • New England Biolabs' Freezer Program offers the lowest overall cost for restriction enzymes and related products.
  • Pay Only for What You Use: Significant savings are achieved when compared to the cost of your direct purchases.
  • Benefit from Ongoing Price Reductions: NEB offers more recombinant enzymes than any other supplier. Improvements in production efficiencies always mean lower $ per unit prices for our customers
  • Complimentary Freezers: NEB provides everything you need for product storage, including a complimentary freezer with an initial $5,000 inventory order.

A Freezer Program with NEB means we are always there:

  • Instant Access to Technical Support: Our toll-free telephone numbers, FAX, e-mail and World Wide Web home page allow instant access to additional NEB service and technical support.
  • Streamlined Inventory Management: Our unique StockDate™ label system ensures product freshness, simplifies Freezer Program management and reduces product waste. Color-coded StockDate labels are provided free of charge, and are automatically mailed to participating Freezer Programs each quarter.
  • Online access: Our Freezer Program Locator provides your researchers with your Program's complete contact information as well as your updated NEB inventory profile. Upon approval, your Program is easily accessed and promoted through NEB's national Freezer Program network.
  • The NEB Guarantee: Reagents purchased through NEB's Freezer Program are covered by our full warranty.
  • Flexible Programs: Our flexible program for on-site access can accommodate direct, consignment, third party purchasing arrangements, and/or individual investigator invoicing accounts.