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    Interested in trying a sample of the NEBNext Ultra II DNA Library Prep Kit?

    For a limited time, try a sample, share your feedback and be eligible to win an iPAD® mini 4.

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    • New Lab/Biotech Discount

      New England Biolabs offers a one-time 40% discount to Principal Investigators who are starting up a new laboratory. The New Lab Discount applies to all products carrying the NEB label. Items not eligible for discounts include Special Offers.

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      Are you using TOPO® cloning?

      With the NEB PCR Cloning Kit, enjoy faster cloning with more flexible conditions for ALL your PCR amplicons.

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    • Save on Dry Ice Charges

      Did you know that there are no dry ice charges when purchasing competent cells?

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      Save Time and Money by Purchasing Through a Freezer Program

      The NEB Freezer Program is ideally suited for researchers in academics and industry looking for on-site access to the world's finest restriction enzymes and related products. The Freezer Program offers you convenience, value and streamlined service.

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