Adaptors and Primers for Library Prep

Designed for use in library prep for DNA, ChIP DNA and RNA (but not Small RNA), the NEBNext Adaptors enable high-efficiency adaptor ligation and high library yields, with minimized adaptor-dimer formation. Incorporating a novel hairpin loop structure, the NEBNext Adaptor ligates with increased efficiency to end-repaired, dA-tailed DNA. The loop contains a U, which is removed by treatment with USER® Enzyme (a mix of UDG and Endo VIII), to open up the loop and make it available as a substrate for PCR. During PCR, barcodes can be incorporated by use of the highly pure NEBNext index primers, thereby enabling multiplexing. NEBNext Oligos can be used with NEBNext products, and with other standard Illumina®-compatible library preparation protocols. Single- or dual-barcode primer options, including our new unique dual indices, are available. A methylated version of the NEBNext Adaptor is also available for use with bisulfite sequencing protocols. 
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FAQs for Adaptors and Primers for Library Prep

Posters and Manuals

Workflow demonstrating the use of the NEBNext Adaptor and index primers


Benefits of NEBNext Adaptors and Primers:

  • Increased ligation efficiency 
  • Minimized adaptor-dimer formation 
  • Increased library yields 
  • Dual barcodes for increased sample identification specificity
    • Unique dual index pairs enable barcode hopping detection (96 pairs available)
    • 2 sets of non-unique dual index primers available 
  • Large number of single barcodes available
    • 4 sets of 12 indices
    • 1 set of 96 indices supplied in a 96-well plate with a pierceable foil seal 
  • Index pooling guidelines and sample sheets are provided