DNA Library Prep

NEBNext® reagents are available for sample preparation of genomic DNA, ChIP DNA, and FFPE DNA. These products are provided in user-friendly formats including kits and modules, with bulk and customized formats also available. Adaptors and primers are available separately, for maximum flexibility. These robust reagents undergo stringent quality controls and functional validation, ensuring maximum yield, convenience and value.

NEBNext Ultra™ II FS (E7805S/L, E6177S/L) provides a fast and reliable solution for DNA fragmentation and library construction. A new enzymatic DNA fragmentation reagent is combined with end repair and dA-tailing reagents, allowing these steps to be performed in the same tube, with no clean-ups or sample loss. The same fragmentation protocol is used for any input amount (100 pg–500 ng), or GC content. For mechanically-sheared DNA, NEBNext Ultra™ II (E7645S/L, E7103S/L) enables the construction of high yield, high quality libraries from low picogram to microgram input amounts.

For methylome analysis, NEBNext Enzymatic Methyl-seq (E7120S/L) provides a high-performance enzyme-based alternative to bisulfite conversion. The consistently high conversion performance and minimized DNA damage with the EM-seq™ protocol, in combination with highly efficient Ultra II library prep, result in superior detection of CpGs with fewer sequencing reads.

NEBNext Oligos are optimized to maximize library yields and validated for specific applications. A large number of highly pure index primers are available, in unique dual, dual and single index primers formats.  NEBNext Oligos support index insertion during library amplification.  The NEBNext Adaptor’s hairpin-loop structure ligates at high efficiency and minimizes adaptor-dimer formation. For EM-seq™ and bisulfite workflows, a modified adaptor is available. 

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