SNAP-Vista® Blue

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    SNAP-Vista® Blue is a blue fluorescent substrate that can be used to label SNAP-tag® fusion proteins (in cell lysates or as purified proteins) for detection by SDS-PAGE. This substrate (BG-Vista Blue) is based on dimethylaminocoumarin and is optimized for excitation with the 360 nm light from a standard UV-transilluminator. It has an excitation maximum at 390 nm and emission maxima at 470 nm. This package includes 50 nmol of SNAP-Vista Blue substrate, sufficient to label one hundred 20 µl samples containing SNAP-tag fusion protein for in-gel detection.

    The SNAP-tag protein labeling system enables the specific, covalent attachment of virtually any molecule to a protein of interest. The SNAP-tag is a protein based on human O6-alkylguanine-DNA alkyltransferase (hAGT). SNAP-tag substrates are fluorophores, biotin or beads conjugated to guanine or chloropyrimidine leaving groups via a benzyl linker. In the labeling reaction, the substituted benzyl group of the substrate is covalently attached to the SNAP-tag.

    There are two steps to using this system: subcloning and expression of the protein of interest as a SNAP-tag fusion, and labeling of the fusion with the SNAP-tag substrate of choice. Expression of SNAP-tag fusion proteins is described in the documentation supplied with SNAP-tag plasmids. The labeling of the fusion proteins with the SNAP-tag substrate for detection by SDS-PAGE is described in this document.

    Figure 1.
    Excitation (dotted line) and emission spectra of SNAP-Vista Blue coupled to SNAP-tag in buffer at pH 7.5
    Figure 2.
    Typical SDS-PAGE gel under UV transillumination
    Lane 1-3 SNAP-his (22kD) 10, 5, 1 µg 
    Lane 4-6 SNAP-CyA (40kD) 10, 5, 1 µg 
    Lane 7 fluorescent MW marker
    Lane 8-10 MBP-SNAP (63kD) 10, 5, 1 µg
    Figure 3. Structure of SNAP-Vista Blue (MW 499.5 g/mol)
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