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RNA Synthesis and Modification

RNA plays a multitude of cellular roles in all kingdoms of life and is a promising area of research in biotechnology and therapeutic development. RNA is an essential carrier of genetic information that can catalyze chemical reactions and influence gene expression. Our understanding of RNAs as regulatory molecules in the cell has dramatically changed over the last decade. Many new classes of small and large non-coding RNAs with largely unexplored functions have been recently reported, ushering in a renaissance of RNA-focused research in biology. NEB's RNA reagents can be ordered in bulk, GMP-grade*, or customized formats for advanced research and development projects, please contact our Customized Solutions team for more information.

NEB provides in vitro transcription (IVT) reagents from bench-scale to commercial-scale

NEB offers a range of products for RNA research, including reagents for synthesis, extraction, purification, cleanup, analysis, modification, and detection of RNA molecules. These products are available from bench-scale to commercial-scale to serve both academic and industrial needs. Further, we provide these products at quality levels that support vaccine and diagnostic manufacturing. Experience improved performance and increased yields, enabled by our expertise in enzymology.


GMP= available in GMP-grade

*"GMP-grade" is a branding term NEB uses to describe reagents manufactured at NEB’s Rowley facility. The Rowley facility was designed to manufacture reagents under more rigorous infrastructure and process controls to achieve more stringent product specifications and customer requirements. Reagents manufactured at NEB’s Rowley facility are manufactured in compliance with ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 quality management system standards. However, at this time, NEB does not manufacture or sell products known as Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs), nor does NEB manufacture its products in compliance with all of the Current Good Manufacturing Practice regulations.

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RNA Synthesis and Modification includes these subcategories:
RNA Capping
RNA Extraction and Purification
RNA Ligation
RNA Markers and Ladders
RNA Modification
RNA Synthesis In vitro Transcription (IVT)
RNase Inhibitors
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This product is intended for research purposes only. This product is not intended to be used for therapeutic or diagnostic purposes in humans or animals.

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