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ProtoScript® Taq RT-PCR Kit

The ProtoScript® Taq RT-PCR Kit (NEB #E6400) is designed for the sensitive detection of mRNAs. This Kit includes Murine RNase Inhibitor, which provides better protection of RNA against RNases than human RNase Inhibitor. A ready-to-use Taq 2X Master Mix is provided for its convenient and consistent amplification performance. Both kits include a Random Primer Mix to provide even and consistent coverage of the RNA template population across a wide range of RNA template concentration.

AMV LongAmp® Taq RT-PCR Kit

The AMV LongAmp® Taq RT-PCR Kit (NEB #E5300) combines two powerful, user-friendly mixes to provide consistent and robust RT-PCR reactions. AMV Enzyme Mix carries out first strand cDNA synthesis reactions with a broader optimal reaction temperature from 37°C to 50°C. LongAmp® Taq 2X Master Mix offers consistent and robust amplification from more than 14 kb cDNA products.

The OneTaq® RT-PCR Kit

The OneTaq® RT-PCR Kit (NEB #E5310) combines two powerful mixes, M-MuLV Enzyme Mix and OneTaq Hot Start 2X Master Mix with Standard Buffer for 2-step RT-PCR applications. The two mixes require minimal handling during reaction setup and yet offer consistent and robust RT-PCR reactions.

ProtoScript®, LongAmp® and OneTaq® are registered trademarks of New England Biolabs, Inc.

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