Single Buffer Simplicity

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Gone are the days of buffer compatibility analyses and sub-optimal enzyme conditions! High Fidelity (HF®) Restriction Enzymes are all 100% active in a single buffer: CutSmart Buffer (NEB #B7004). This simplifies double digest reactions and eliminates the need for setting up sequential digests. HF enzymes share the same site specificity and cleavage efficiency as their wild-type counterparts, but offer the increased flexibility and convenience that you need in your laboratory. Whether you have 5 minutes or want to leave your reactions overnight, restriction enzymes digests with HF enzymes produce the same, reliable results. Set up your digests with reaction-specific enzymes concentration, without fear of risking product integrity to star activity. HF enzymes offer added flexibility and functionality without added cost -- they’re available for the same price-per-unit as the standard version.


HF® is a registered trademark of New England Biolabs, Inc.

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