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OneTaq® One-Step RT-PCR Kit

The OneTaq One-Step RT-PCR Kit offers sensitive and robust end-point detection of RNA templates. cDNA synthesis and PCR amplification steps are performed in a single reaction using gene-specific primers, resulting in a streamlined RT-PCR protocol. The kit combines three optimized mixes: OneTaq One-Step Enzyme Mix, OneTaq One-Step Reaction Mix and OneTaq One-Step Quick-Load Reaction Mix. The Enzyme Mix combines ProtoScript II Reverse Transcriptase, Murine RNase Inhibitor and OneTaq Hot Start DNA Polymerase.

OneTaq® RT-PCR Kit

The OneTaq® RT-PCR Kit (NEB #E5310) combines two powerful mixes, M-MuLV Enzyme Mix and OneTaq Hot Start 2X Master Mix with Standard Buffer for 2-step RT-PCR applications. The two mixes require minimal handling during reaction setup and yet offer consistent and robust RT-PCR reactions.

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