OneTaq® DNA Polymerases

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An optimized blend of Taq and Deep VentR™ DNA polymerases, OneTaq® and OneTaq® Hot Start DNA Polymerases offer robust amplification across a wide range of templates. The 3´–5´ exonuclease activity of Deep Vent DNA Polymerase increases the fidelity and robustness of Taq, and the hot start formulation combines convenience with decreased interference from primer dimers and secondary products. Additionally, OneTaq Reaction Buffers and High GC Enhancer have been formulated for robust yields with minimal optimization, regardless of a template's GC content. Both polymerases are available in master mix and Quick-Load® master mix formats.

In contrast to chemically modified or antibody-based hot start polymerases, NEB's OneTaq Hot Start utilizes aptamer technology. This unique modified oligonucelotide binds to the polymerase through non-covalent interactions, blocking polymerase activity at temperatures below 45°C. The polymerase is activated during normal cycling conditions, allowing reactions to be set up at room temperature.