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  • Prestained Protein Ladder, Broad Range (10-230 kDa)


    Prestained Protein Ladder, Broad Range (10-230 kDa) is a mixture of highly purified recombinant proteins covalently coupled to a blue dye that resolves into 12 sharp bands when electrophoresed. The protein concentrations are carefully balanced for even intensity. Both 80 kDa and 25 kDa bands have triple the intensity of other proteins and serve as reference indicators. The covalent coupling of the dye to the proteins affects their electrophoretic behavior on SDS-PAGE gels relative to unstained proteins (1). The apparent molecular weight of the Prestained Protein Ladder was determined on Invitrogen Novex 10-20% Tris-glycine SDS PAGE gels (1,2) by comparison to the Protein Ladder (NEB #P7703). The Prestained Protein Ladder is ideally suited for use in SDS-PAGE and western blotting applications. It allows continuous monitoring of protein separations during electrophoresis and also provides a quick and easy way to assess blotting efficiency (3).

    The Prestained Protein Ladder is designed for use with Tris-glycine gels.


    Invitrogen Novex 10-20% Tris-glycine SDS-PAGE gel.

    Properties and Usage

    Storage Temperature


    Storage Conditions

    70 mM Tris-HCl
    33 mM NaCl
    40 mM DTT
    1 mM Na2EDTA
    30% Glycerol
    2% SDS
    pH 6.8 @ 25°C


    1. To maximize shelf-life, the Prestained Protein Ladder should be boiled for 3-5 minutes upon receipt and aliquotted into single-use tubes. Store at -20°C. Guaranteed stable for 1 year when properly stored.

    2. P7710 is not recommended for use on Tris-Tricine or Bis-Tris (with MES buffer) gels.

    3. Recommended load Volume 5-15 µL. 
    4. Approximate protein concentration 0.1 mg/ml to 0.3 mg/ml. 


    1. Laemmli, U.K. (1970). Nature. 227, 680.
    2. Sambrook, J., Fritsch, E.F. and Maniatis, T. (2001). Molecular Cloning: A Laboratory Manual, (3rd ed.). Cold Spring Harbor: Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory.
    3. Ma, D. and Xu, M.Q. New England Biolabs, Inc.. Unpublished observation

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    1. I notice that the molecular weights I am observing are slightly different than those reported. Can you explain?
    1. Preparing and Loading Protein Ladders
    2. Using NEB Protein Markers & Ladders
    Prestained proteins carry a charge because of the dye molecules bound to the protein. Because of this, any changes in the running conditions will alter their migration.
    These products should not be used for accurate molecular weight determination.
    The unstained markers and ladders are better for that.
    Prestained are best designed for western blot applications.