Protein Phosphatase Inhibitor 2 (I-2)

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    Protein Phosphatase Inhibitor-2 (I-2) specifically and instantaneously inhibits the catalytic subunit of type I protein phosphatase (PP1) at nanomolar concentrations. In contrast, the inhibition of native forms of PP1, type 1 holoenzymes, is time dependent and requires much more I-2. I-2 inhibits PP1 from mammals, yeast and flies in an identical manner and can be used for identification of type I protein phosphatases from many different species (1-3).

    I-2 is a 204 amino acid heat stable protein. Recombinant I-2 has identical inhibitory properties as native rabbit muscle I-2 (2).

    I-2 is functionally tested in the inhibition assays of PP1 (NEB #P0754).


  • Type 1 protein phosphatase (PP1) specific Inhibitor
  • Rabbit skeletal muscle, recombinant (E. coli)
  • Supplied with 10X Reaction Buffer
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    Isolated from a strain of E. coli that carries the coding sequence for rabbit skeletal muscle I-2 polypeptide under the control of T7 expression system (kindly provided by Dr. A. A. DePaoli-Roach) (3).
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