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Genomic DNA Extraction & Purification

Genomic DNA (gDNA) is the heritable, genetic information contained in each cell that provides the all the information needed to synthesize and maintain an organism. Organized into chromosomes, genomic DNA is protected by proteins and partitioned into the nucleus in eukaryotic cells. The ability to extract and purify DNA from biological samples is an essential first step in the study of many biological processes. Purification of genomic DNA often begins with homogenization of the sample followed by lysis of the cells to release the gDNA. RNase is typically employed to remove contaminating RNA from the lysate. The DNA is then conditioned to selectively bind to a capture column, where it is subsequently washed to remove salts and other contaminants prior to elution.

The Monarch Genomic DNA Purification Kit is a comprehensive kit for DNA extraction and purification from a wide variety of sample types including blood, cells, tissues, and tough-to-lyse samples (including bacteria and yeast). The kit includes lysis buffers for various input materials, Proteinase K for homogenization of some sample types, and RNase A for efficient RNA removal. The gDNA is eluted with high yield and purity and with good integrity (high molecular weight), ready for use in downstream applications including qPCR, long range PCR, and NGS library prep (including long read platforms).

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