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RNA Library Prep

NEBNext® Ultra™ II kits are available for directional (strand-specific) or non-directional RNA library preparation. These kits utilize streamlined workflows and novel master mixes, and have been designed for performance with input amounts as low as 5 ng Total RNA.

Modules offer the user ability to customize sample preparation, and adaptors and primers (NEBNext Oligos) are available separately, for maximum flexibility.

  • The NEBNext® Ultra™ II Directional RNA Library Prep Kit for Illumina® (NEB #E7760) uses the dUTP method and a streamlined workflow to generate high yield, high quality strand-specific libraries.
  • The NEBNext® Ultra™ II RNA Library Prep Kit for Illumina® (NEB #E7770) enables production of non-directional libraries from as little as 10 ng of Total RNA, using a streamlined workflow.

Removal of abundant RNAs, such as ribosomal RNA, is enabled by a growing range of RNA Depletion kits, for human, mouse, rat, bacteria and blood samples, in addition to a kit for poly(A) mRNA enrichment. Customized RNA depletion from any organism is now an option, with a user-friendly depletion probe design tool and reagent set.

For microRNAs and other small RNAs, our novel Small RNA workflow has been optimized to minimize adaptor-dimers, while producing high-yield, high-density libraries.

For single cell and ultra-low input RNA, our simple and robust workflow generates full length cDNAs, followed by conversion to sequence-ready libraries using the Ultra II FS workflow, that incorporates enzymatic DNA fragmentation.

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