NEBNext® Multiplex Oligos (Adaptors & Primers)

Adaptors and Primers are an essential component of your NGS library prep workflow, and NEBNext Multiplex Oligos offer flexibility in multiplexing; indexing options include unique dual indices (UDIs) with and without unique molecular identifiers (UMIs), combinatorial dual (CD) indices, and single indices in a range of formats and indexing strategies. For an overview of our adaptor and primer products, refer to the NEBNext Multiplex Oligos Selection Chart

NEBNext index primers are intended to be combined with one of the NEBNext adaptor types. The NEBNext Adaptor, with its unique hairpin-loop shape, was designed to minimize the formation of adaptor-dimers during the adaptor-ligation step, whereas the truncated EM-seq™ Adaptor is optimized for use with NEBNext Enzymatic Methyl-seq workflows. The NEBNext SR Adaptor is used in preparation of NEBNext Small RNA libraries. 
NEBNext index adaptors are available for either DNA-seq or RNA-seq workflows, and these full-length index adaptors also include UMIs to enable increased sample identification specificity and more-sensitive detection of low-frequency single nucleotide variants (SNVs). UMIs also allow for PCR-free DNA-seq workflows, to mitigate the risk of bias introduced by PCR cycles.  
NEBNext Multiplex Oligos currently enable multiplexing of up to 384 unique dual indexed UMI reactions, up to 480 unique dual indexed reactions, up to 384 dual indexed reactions (using combinatorial indexing), and up to 144 single indexed reactions (with a 6-bp index read).  
NEBNext Multiplex Oligos are supplied separately from NEBNext Library Prep Kits (except for the Small RNA and EM-seq kits) to provide maximal workflow flexibility.  

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Workflow demonstrating the use of the NEBNext Adaptor and index primers
Workflow demonstrating the use of the NEBNext Unique Dual Index UMI Adaptors with NEBNext Primer Mix
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