pACP-tag(m)-2 Vector

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    pACP-tag(m)-2 Vector is a mammalian expression plasmid encoding ACPwt, an ACP-tag protein, which is expressed under control of the CMV promoter. The expression plasmid has an IRES (Internal Ribosome Entry Site) and a neomycin resistance gene downstream of the ACP-tag for the efficient selection of stable transfectants. This plasmid is intended for the cloning and transient or stable expression of ACP-tag protein fusions in mammalian cells. pACP-tag(m)-2 contains two multiple cloning sites to allow cloning of the fusion partner as a fusion to the C-terminus of the ACP-tag and an appropriate signal peptide to the N-terminus of the ACP-tag.

    The ACP-tag is a small protein tag (8 kDa) based on the acyl carrier protein (ACP). It allows the specific, covalent attachment of virtually any molecule to a protein of interest. ACP-tag substrates are derivatives of coenzyme A (CoA). In the labeling reaction, the substituted phosphopantetheine group of CoA is covalently attached to a conserved serine residue of the ACP-tag by a phosphopantetheine transferase (ACP or SFP Synthase). Having no cysteines, the ACP-tag is particularly suited for specifically labeling cell-surface proteins, and should be useful for labeling secreted proteins with disulfide bridges such as antibodies.

    There are two steps to using this system: subcloning and expression of the protein of interest as an ACP-tag fusion, and labeling of the fusion protein with the CoA substrate of choice. In this document, the cloning and expression of ACP-tag protein fusions is described. The labeling of fusion proteins with CoA substrates is described in the documentation supplied with CoA substrates and ACP or SFP Synthase.

    Cloning Region of pACP-tag(m)-2
    Unique restriction sites in the regions flanking the ACP-tag gene are displayed above the coding strand. The complete sequence for pACP-tag(m)-2 and pACP-ADRβ2 can be downloaded here 

    DNASU is a central repository for plasmid clones and collections that may also be helpful.

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