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pKLAC2 Vector

  • Catalog # N3742 was discontinued on January 02, 2018 ;

The pKLAC2 vector directs high-level expression of a recombinant protein from the yeast Kluyveromyces lactis and is compatible with the K. lactis Protein Expression Kit (NEB #E1000). pKLAC2 can be used for either intracellular or secreted protein expression. SacII or BstXI linearized pKLAC2 integrates into the LAC4 locus of the K. lactis genome upon transformation of K. lactis competent cells. 

  • Contains a universal multiple cloning site that is compatible with all NEB expression systems
  • PLAC4-PBI promoter does not express in E. coli, thereby allowing toxic genes to be cloned prior to their expression in yeast
  • Includes acetamidase expression for non-antibiotic selection in K. lactis
  • Includes ampicillin resistance for propagation in E. coli
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